I can’t wait to meet you! Please email me at or Text (612) 568-5153 to request a date. My personal booking assistant, Em will be able to assist you with everything you need to set up a date with me.

PLEASE NOTE: Health & Hygiene is important to me so all actions are at my discretion.

Below you will find light screening requirements. Please choose ONE option you feel most comfortable with.

If you are not comfortable providing the light requirements below, you’re missing out on a chance to meet.


Choose One

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Do you have an account at P411, TNABoard, Eccie or TER? Please send me your handle/username for me to verify. You need to have at least 1 vouch or review to pass verification.

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Send me your Linkedin profile link for quick and easy screening. To make sure that the profile belongs to you, I will ask you to add a word of my choice within your profile. Once I see the word, you are good to go!

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This is the easiest and fastest verification if you’re requesting to see me last minute. I will send you a discreet email to your work email. The email address I’m sending from is never tied to my Melizsa Lee escorting information.

Do you have a business card? Please send me a picture of your business card instead.

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Please send me a photo of your Drivers License. You can blur your home address and your Identification number.


A photo of your bank card that shows ONLY your name, with the card numbers covered.

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SELFIE & ID CARD OR Drivers license

Please send me a selfie photo of you holding your ID or Drivers License.

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Please list name, website, email, phone number, or her ad URL. Keep in mind that provider references are not ideal if you are setting up a date last minute. It may take your reference several days to respond to my reference request. Don’t miss your chance to book a date with me!